Corporate / Our Partnerships

As the leading brand in the industry, Kocaman develops collaborations with big and reputable companies in Turkey and abroad in order to enrich its product range.

Under the partnership with Groupe Floridienne - Française de Gastronomie, the biggest and most prestigious company of the world in land snails we produce butter stuffed snails in the facility Menetrel Gıda located in the industrial park of the Bilecik province.

With an annual capacity of 100 million pieces, the facility is the biggest supplier in the world markets for this product.

We have a tuna farm with another partner, Akua Group in Karaburun-İzmir province which and besides, tuna and pelagic fishes are hunted in Morocco, Mauritania and Albania with own boats. Akua Group has investments for tune fishing in Turkey, Libya and Morocco. Also we have become the first Turkish company to have a tuna farm investment abroad with our farm located in Napoli in 2007.

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