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Special attention is given to food safety, legality and quality at all stages from the supply of raw materials to the arrival of the final product to the customer together with the resource transfers which are being made. Kocaman Balıkçılık is a company that believes in risk-based thinking, continuous improvement and innovation in order to maximize customer satisfaction at the highest level by carrying out appropriate products based on legal legislation and legal regulations of both of Total Quality Management and Food Safety Regulations of Turkey and other countries where our products are sold.

Basic Principles of the Quality and Food Safety Policy of KOCAMAN BALIKÇILIK:

- To share the importance of effective quality management and quality management system suitability and to ensure that our products meet reliable consumer needs and expectations based on risk assessment in terms of physical, chemical, microbiological, allergen risks in accordance with high quality standards of KOCAMAN BALIKÇILIK, - To be transparent and accountable for the effectiveness of the quality management system,
- To assure that the quality management system requirements are integrated with the processes of the organization,
- To continuously update the Risk and Opportunity analysis plan we created and shared with our white collar employees to encourage the use of process approach and risk-based thinking,
- To support the leadership of department managers of Production, Quality Assurance, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance Managers,
- To rigorously implement our food defence plan to protect our brand and consumer health at the highest level, and to provide all our employees with the necessary training continuously.
- Ensuring consumer loyalty by respecting product choice and consumer rights by providing continuous product development according to changing market and consumer needs,
- Keeping quality at the highest level while developing product diversity, branding and sales and marketing strategies focused on new markets,
- To ensure that all of our organizations that are responsible for protecting our brand and serving our consumers to the safety and satisfaction of their products are made up of the experts and the best people.
- To ensure that the quality management system reaches the intended output,
- Maintaining the continuity of our product and process qualifications by making the importance of Quality and Food Safety a lifestyle for all our employees, enabling our employees to feel themselves part of the Big Fish.
- The Social Compliance Management System established for this is to adopt our employees and integrate them into corporate culture.
To undertake the most basic task of protection in the context of contributing to the development of the environment, continuous improvement and sustainable fishery in every working environment we operate for the products we manufacture.

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