Instead of recruiting employees with a profile that can merely satisfy the today’s requirements, Kocaman Balıkçılık believes that improvements and accomplishments can be ensured through qualified labor forces, thus, aims to employ people who consider that teamwork is an integral part of their work life and who is dedicated to personal values of human.

Training and Development

To secure corporate and personal development, Kocaman Balıkçılık aims to create an organization of employees which can implement the knowledge they have obtained from theoretical trainings into their daily work.


Providing a professional working environment to create opportunities for her employees, so that they can develope themselves to become the future leaders.


Kocaman Balıkçılık evaluates the performances objectively, in order to ensure contribution to the development of both the employees and the company.

Our Families

Kocaman Balıkçılık considers the families of our employees -who are key factors in realizing our company goals- as an integral part of her organization.

Adopting the values of our community, securing employee satisfaction by providing equal rights and opportunities are the fundamentals of Kocaman Balıkçılık’s Human Resources Policy.

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